Sunday, March 22, 2009


.... Happy birthday to me! Have One bite please!

Day before yesterday, there was my birthday. Full of wishes & blessings.. from Bitrdayeve I got sms, calling from friends..Lots Of smiles they gave me..may be because of that i was feeling full fresh & enthu on b'day. In my office I am younger & sometimes being littleone gets in your favour.. that is why I got lots of chokalets, flowers. (It is different issue that almost chokis were over here only ) But still it shows affection towords you. And i feel it is more important.
Arre how stupid i am i havent told what happen in my home. There I am elder (But still everyone loves me as I m just born baby. ma-papa, Yasmin- Shirin they wish me. mama made pav-bhaji for me. papa bought tasty plain cake (which I love more than creamy cake). I wore white chudidar & black -white long kurta..I was looking damn beautiful as everyone said. (how would not look beautiful aftrewors this cloth is of my salary)

Ninad, my fraiend come my office to wish me (thanks!!)..he is also working in same media house but in another office. so everyone in my office knows him & he knows them. so threrafter Deepa, Ninad, Rahul, Hemangi all of them was making me 'Pareshan'. Whatever I m dong or saying, I dont know how they got something in that to laugh or comment. I was fade up of them. but I enjoyed alot. Afterwords we ate Ice-cream, pani-puri.. I REALLY ENJOYED A LOT. (But not more than last time)

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