Wednesday, March 18, 2009

fesalalela mobile

"washing powder nirma..dudhki safedi nirma se ayi.............sabki pasand nirma" what are u thinking? its not a television ad OR radio ad. its a ringtone of mobile. late night time..all the bus travellers were tired but this sudden ringing tune made some entarainment. The 'nirmapriya' (nirma loving) gye was slept. his mobile rings once..twice, thrice..everybody was enjoying his ringtone mixed with his snore..but now for forth time his ringtone irritated & one of passenger stood up and said in his punery style 'fes fes zhala mhnav ata zar nahi phn uchalala tar bus fesalel'. after that his nearer passanger woke up him & finally 'nirma'got over.

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