रविवार, २९ मार्च, २००९

Perfect mistake!

I heared somebody was saying 'if god exit & he is perfect, man should be perfect'. Logically correct..but pactically truly wrong, what i felt. God exits and it is upto ur faith ofcorse. If we became perfect then what should the god will do..dont u think we might become god. That person must not understand the feeling of faith. Man without Pain should not be perfect combination. From birth we ever have the best friend named PAIN. And Pain makes u to recognise the strongest power in the world. If all things become perfect..all roads become smooth....no sorrows..no tensinos..no disturbances..no calamities ..Life would become tasteless, challangeless. He (god) makes our life interesting putting some pain, giving some difficulties and not making our life PERFECT. I dont know why he says such...maybe he is anethnestic OR maybe he is having true pain..and out of which he said. God has made a perfect mistake of making man imperfect. I think without having pain we even couldnt experience the joy of happiness..smile...laugh..

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