रविवार, १४ जून, २००९

The Karna..........great hearted person.

I just have finished the book named 'RADHEYA'... The karna is my faviorate historical person. He lived very different kind of life..If u read the anything regarding karna. You are definatly going to fall in love with him. Every moment of his life was full of wars..war with destiny..with himself..with his own brothers. Sorrow, pain was his part of life..full of all unjustice..unfair things happend in his life since he born..but then too kontyach shkani aplya manat tychyavishayi daya yet nahi kadachit tychyavishayicha adar dunawel pan kiw watnar nahi.Tyachya ayushatil ulthapalth aplyalahi aswasth karte. Instead we find him as great warrior..great donar...Noone in this world can donate the things which make him remain alive forever. but he did, cause only he had the stength of giving out the LIFE for Others.

Before radheya i had read Mrutunjay..that is why i find him more deeply..more i understood the great karna.

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