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Talking with Miss india' s mother

Neera Chopra, Puja Chopra's mother. A down to earth women. Rahul and I met her, the day when we come to know Puja won the Miss India World 2009 award. Puja lives in Pune, Kubera park, Kondhawa. Her house is very simple & her mother is more simple & attitudeless. when we started taking with her, found her very softspoken. she shared Puja's career graph with all aspects. How she agreed, disagreed with Puja, How Puja is sturbbon but she told us atleast ten time that Puja is very focused child. whatever she wants to do then she wants, she persuit it passionately.

Puja loves her mother very much. chopra has grew their daughters as single parent. Mayby that is why Puja knows how her mother undergone all stuggle to make them happy. Chopra added, when she was worked in mumbai taj hotel. The situation was not good that days. All the time there was money problem. Puja was 7-8 years old that time, asked her for school socks. she was tired & not had money, she could not stop her eyes, started crying. then puja realise the pain & said to her mother "no mama i dont want anything.. nothing..but just i cant see ur tears..stop crying plz." Till now she does not like mother's tears. Chopra was saying with some proud tears in her eyes.

Till today, the miss india's career, all efforts, struggle and requird money is completely belongs to puja. "I never have enough money for this fashion shows. but she worked hard & earn it, doing some modeling, shows & till now she particirated all compition with her own earnings." Puja done her commerce graduation from Wadia collage. Chopra said "after 10 th only she wants to enter modeling. but i oppose it. she listened me & completed her graduation."

Puja does not like cooking. she just can boil a egg & make bournvita.Even if she wants to make a tea she asks her mother what to add, salt or shugar. she likes reading, boxing. she is also kind in nature as her mother. but she is short tempered & if anybody spoke bad about or for her mother then noone can handle her anger.

Chopra told, Puja loves her alot, but never likes to show. If i m not eating then she bring food form kichen but she will tell eat mama othervise it will get waste. but directly showing of affection, love would not happen. she purchase gift, dress but she 'll tell that it's gift from dash-dash mama, or i got on that show or friend's gift. but after some days any how i got receipt of bill. then also she wont agreed. She never likes to show me but i know & i can feel also.

Now chopra family wants to focous completely on World Crown. The aim for now is victory of world crown. she is feeling so much proud 4 Puja. she feels that whtever puja wants to win shoud happen & god helps her at sach & svery moment.


(I like her mother's nature. kind in speaking. her house just as urs or mine. no show off. no ego but pride.give credit to her daughter whatever she won.. not interference in taking credibility..actually she deserves it but its her heartful reaction.)

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